Finding your Inner Unicorn – Chapter 1: Naked Reflection

“I’m friends with the unicorn that’s under my bed. Doesn’t mean I have to sleep with it or hide her under the covers.”

Be the Unicorn you were Destined to be…

When was the last time someone asked you what it is you really wanted to do? Who is it that you just can’t get out of your head or that obsession you must embrace until it becomes full circle inside of you?

Maybe you’ve tried finding your inner unicorn through others. Just go on any dating site and you’ll see others in search of their counterpart. It’s as though we are all individual pieces of a jigsaw puzzle trying to find our place and seeing how we fit in with that one who seems to match.

You may see your reflection in the mirror as a person who must live up to someone else’s expectations or standards. You do not see yourself as the unique (maybe quirky) individual God created you to be. Rather you see your mother, father, or another relative staring back at you.

You will always be running around lost in the forest searching for that illusion of a lie. Meantime that magical mushroom of wisdom is in the center of your Universal garden offering you that enticing passion fruit. So who are you still trying to please since your new birth?

I’m not saying you should not honor their legacy or their high aspirations for yourself. Your love for them is just and honorable in the way you conduct your very life. But don’t stress yourself out trying to live someone else’s dream or fulfilling a desire you don’t feel passionate about.

If it doesn’t consume your every waking thought, even while at work then maybe you should consult your inner unicorn as you embrace your own naked destiny in the mirror.

As you let go and do it anyways.

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