Finding Your Inner Unicorn – Standing On The Cliffs Of Malibu

Will it always be like this? asked the boy, standing on the cliff face looking toward the golden-colored hue of the horizon.” – Ian O’Hara from his debut accredited book, DESERT(ED) 2018

You are only as good as you believe to be. If you jump off a cliff and expect to fly you will still experience gravity. But at least you tried. Maybe you too are standing too close to that edge; overlooking your cliff into a new tomorrow…over a new ocean of dreams and desires suppressed since your youth.

Perhaps you’re in a complicated relationship; as others see it based upon their preconceived prejudices. You may be gender neutral; dating the same gender, someone outside your own race, religion, or even cultural/political worldview status. It don’t really mean a fuck what others say or think. Do what your heart desires and follow the cues of your body and mind.

One Life To Embrace With Passion And Divine Grace…

They say your soul leaves your body during the night to take flight. I’ve experienced unusual situations, met some crazy yet interesting people, and even traveled to far away exotic places.

So it is how our dreams are made of…You first must have faith in that unseen force of cosmic nature. It can either prevent you from what is to come or propel you to soar even higher.

Just like that Journey song, Don’t Stop Believing…because if you stop singing then where is your motivation for living outside your own naked existence?

So get lost in your own enchanted forest full of magical mushrooms and mystical unicorns. I don’t mean literally to drop acid or hang out under the green neon crosses as you worship your ‘Pot God‘ but if that’s your thing then do it with unfiltered passion and don’t give a fuck about where the Journey takes you. Just get on that road and drive it home.

©2018 Passion Angel Media. All Rights Reserved.

“In the end nothing else matters than your dreams.”

Photo credit: Passion Angel Media © 2018

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