Your Relationship of Change – Smeared Mascara

Smeared Mascara Goop

If someone truly desires your friendship and values your companionship…they will make the time in their busy life to be with you.

It don’t matter who they are with or who they’re seen by…outer beauty means nothing if they are just covering shit up with makeup and off the rack clothing. All the latest trends will eventually fade away into nothingness from which it came.

The person who is your BFF will rearrange both heaven and hell to make room for you and prepare it in their busy schedule. They will not wait till a more convenient time or when they have nothing better to do than to be with you.

Love is not something to hide like a secret rendezvous in a three-ring circus of lies and deceit. It’s a desire to be shared openly…no matter the cost and no matter who is watching. Because if that moment is right, you will freely embrace it unconditionally even in the storms of this life.

Just don’t post all your personal crap on social media unless you don’t give a damn.

Just let go and let fuck like it ain’t no thang!

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“Ignite a fire under your bad-ass”

Photo: Austin, TX

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