Your Summer of Change – Driving Beyond the City Limits

Bridges Across Travis County

“How much longer until we get there? The yellow lines are nothing but a blur.”

Maybe you’ve had one of these occasions with family or friends. Perhaps you’ve driven that road alone, with a spouse, a lover, or during a college trip with your classmates. I have a lot of fond memories of me waking up in the backseat of our family car to Toto’s Africa on the radio station and seeing snow covered mountains in the distance.

As the sign in Whole Foods states, “Life’s a Journey.” I’ll add it’s an incredibly interesting and at times addicting adventure, especially when shared with someone.

So maybe those lines are blurred or you’re just in a crazy fog in pursuit of your passionate desires and purpose for living.

You will not always know what is on the other side of that bridge until you cross it. But if you are too afraid to step across it, you will never know what could have been.

So as you contemplate your next road trip, consider this…Are you content with your present reality or do you desire something more?

Uncertainty will always be a part of your Season (or Summer) of Change. But regret will last a lifetime if you don’t make it your priority to cross that bridge to reach the other side.

Go beyond your own city limits and explore the world around you.

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“Ignite Your Passion”

Photo: Congress Bridge Bats, Austin, Texas

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