Your Relationship of Change – Heart Chat Over Coffee

Life only begins when you take control over your own game…

You must seriously ask yourself, What do I want to share with others and not just what do I want from others. Because you can lose it all, even your heart if you neglect your inner passion and desire for something greater than your present reality.

Your time is valuable. So honor it like you do your integrity and cherish it like you do those closest to your heart. Your love portfolio should be as diversified as those stock options you invest your hard earned money in.

For one day you will only have yourself and God to answer for…and if you are so lucky that special someone to share all those memories with by your side.

Ultimately you’ve gotta be content with any decision you make. It’s really that complicated…or not.

So who do you place your trust in?

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“Ignite Your Passion Once Again”

Photo: Austin, Texas

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