Celebrate Your Coming Out – from the Rainbow Passion Angel Dairies

One Universal Heart – One Passion 2 Love

Passion Angel Media and DIVE Publishing believes equality in faith, love, cultural diversity, and political freedom of choice is initiated first with an open heart, mind, and awareness towards others whom don’t necessarily share in our same world view and belief system.

That’s the best thing about America and other freedom honoring countries centered on the protection of human rights and the well-being of the next generation to come. You don’t have to agree. In fact we can agree to disagree, however we cannot ignore nor should the other voices in the same room with us. Together we can learn from one another as the global citizens we were destined to be.

From the Heart of God…

Touching the heart of another with an open palm of Universal Love. Showing our love for one another and tolerance for differences of opinions and beliefs should outlast more than just one month. It should begin with each new dawn and continue to be shared every moment, even as we dream of being better together.

#LGBTQPrideMonth is only the start of something beautiful and divinely heaven sent. So as we embrace the struggles of our own personal experiences in our daily hustle…we can either make it our choice to be Universally-inclusive or privately-exclusive to those we meet. Yes even that stranger on the street or that angel we are entertaining if only for the moment.

We all share in collective challenges both within our control or outside our sphere of influence. But life as in love is never meant to go it alone. So just let go of your inner inhibition and freely embrace your outer passions for living out loud once again.

©2018 Passion Angel Media. All Rights Reserved.

“Imagine a World Free from Global Discrimination of All, No Matter Where or How You Got Here”

Photo credits: Pinterest and Passion Angel Media (2018)

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