Your Summer of Love – Oasis in the Desert

Oasis of Living Passion

“I’ll love you forever until…”

You decide what follows next along your Boulevard of Palm Trees leading to that Destination Unknown.

You can take a chance at love and passion in the moment as you feel, touch, and kiss the one reading this with you. Or you play it safe and watch the Notebook or Blue is the Warmest Colour once again on Netflix as you devour that pint of Ben and Jerry’s all by your lonesome.

Your passion prince or princess may just be the divine aphrodisiac you need to embrace that next challenge or chapter in your immediate horizon.

So as we finish that sentence…“we both arrive at that Oasis in our Living Passion Paradise in the Desert of Eden together holding hands off into the heavenly mango sunset.”

©2018 Passion Angel Media. All Rights Reserved.

“Ignite Your Passion”

Photo credit: Palm Springs, California

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