Your Summer of Passion – Parkour Desire (New Series on Dreaming Decadence)

“You may not know which way the wind will blow you, but the Universe does. The effects of the climate change before you may only manifest if you take action. All you must do is parkour the many obstacles along your individual success path. Life will not be perfect. In fact it will be a damn good mess, like that bed you’re sleeping in.” – M J Adam (2018)

Living Outside Yourself – Parkour Your Desire

If there is a way to a better you…will you take that chance or stay within your safe space of passionless reality. You were meant to be a virtual leader, not a vicarious follower of the latest trends of another. Most likely they don’t even know where the fuck they are going to anyways. So unless you want to become like everyone else, which is quite fucking boring…

You fill in the rest of that sentence. Just do what you love and then you can’t go wrong. Unless you are dead-ass broke but whose fault will that be if you choose the ‘safe life.’ The wanderers usually finds themselves only after getting lost in the forest. They also are naked and scared at times but so is living the life of your dreams with the One you desire to love. You may be sharing the same bed, just don’t steal the dreams from each other. Rather catch them together as you bask in the afterglow.

A more passionate life is both full of unexpected whimsy and uplifting experiences. Meant to be shared with those closest to your heart and soul as you penetrate the deep unknown, embracing climatic surrender in order to win it all.

Pursue your desire with the one you share naked bliss as you kiss the pain of your past away. As you embrace your dream; that destiny you thought was so elusive will begin to reveal itself to you.

What are you waiting for?

©2018 Passion Angel Media. All Rights Reserved.

“Ignite Your Passion In The Arms of Your Dream”

Photo credit: Denver, Colorado

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