Science Proves That Wearing Bras Is Bad For Your Health – Going Braless in Burbank (The Summer of Love Series)

Going Braless is the latest fashion trend…Express Yourself as You Undress Yourself

For most women, there is no better feeling at the end of a long day than returning home and taking off their bra. Scientists have recently figured out why.
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Why burning your bra is all the ‘Millennial Passion and Rage’ for a more beautiful you along the road less traveled towards true naked equality…

I’ve always wondered why we as society encourage practices which clearly have no beneficial purpose to one’s health or beauty. Don’t harm your future body nor society’s desire to control the cultural norms of our dynamically free-spirited, creative side of our passionate purpose in this life.

If you’re a guy or gender neutral going topless on the beach or just lounging poolside may seem very natural; as a cool breeze on your hot glistening skin. Just make sure you use sunscreen with a Sangria in one hand.

Our Freedom to Bare Arms and Breasts…

The issue applies more to our personal freedom to choose what we do with our own bodies; both internally and externally, as well as intellectually, sexually, or physically.

Nudism is our direct connection to our Universal source and God as we release our perceived limitations for unlimited access to all this ‘Collective Energy’ has to offer us, unconditionally.

The freedom to express oneself, not only verbally but organically-imperfect as we were all created, should be an aspect of any free society, just as much as our Universal-right to alternative and holistic healthcare or herbal therapy.

Your ’11 Shades of Passion’…

You can revisit your inner paradise and explore your own diversity yearning to splash the world in magnificent shades of splendor and colors beyond the rainbow of your ‘11 Shades of Passion.’ One Love free from global gender bias, political fights, social bondage, and religious restraints; reflected in all its natural beauty and naked surrender.

Time to free yourself to be you (and not that image you fantasize on the movie screen) and to freely ’embrace nature’s caress’ and the ‘passionate breath of an angelic kiss’ as you spread those wings far and wide for your own exploratory and ‘Coming Out’ journey towards divine tranquil bliss.

Don’t damage your natural growth or health for the sake of current cultural norms or what others consider is best for you.

You have the power to decide your own passions and pleasures. Going braless in Burbank or wherever you release your inner goddess at is our direct connection to the surge of the Universe. So free your tatas today.

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“Break free from your Bra. Release your bad-ass inner goddess.”

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