Your Sunny Side Up Free Range Whimsy To Start Your Day – Magically Yours

Wake up to the Aroma of Destiny Sunny Side Up…

Expect all things new and feel the Universe embrace you with open arms. Never give up the fight until you see the light of the new dawn approaching. You may not get the tornado alert before it’s too late…even then just surf the wind and roll with the punches.

Life has its own way of recovery if you just follow through with the course God has planned out for you. As long as you remain passionate for your dream and make your own bed, destiny will be fixing you breakfast in the morning.

Over easy or sunny side up?

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“Start your day with Destiny”

Video Credit: Flatirons Church, Denver, Colorado. (2017) I do not own this. No profit is generated from the posting. Strictly for entertainment purposes only. No editing or sharing is allowed without express consent from the organization and publisher herein.

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