The Summer of Love – Reality Love (Not Just For Show) A Series to Empower Your Life

You know haters be hating 24/7 if you got your shit together and know what you are going for. Just pursue that soulmate, dream career, pet project, entrepreneurial startup, family, or higher
education. Do you really want to live a lie or fantasy in the mind, or do you want to live like no one else as the true innovator and believer you are on that crazy-ass road to somewhere fucking beautiful. You decide your passion purpose with the one your body sweats for and your heart Powerbeats by Dre for.

Dream, Inspire, Visualize, Expect (DIVE) Publishing

Reality shouldn’t be a half-ass State of Being…

I’m just too stressed to be blessed,” you may say in times of distress and anxiousness, especially when we don’t get our way.

How often do we feel the weight of the world (of someone else’s burdens or challenges) on us, then blame them for our own lackluster performance. Usually we respond with our own satisfaction in the moment when we need to begin with the end result in mind. Whether you are in a season of singleness, gender reorientation, or in the process of long-term relationship; our inclusiveness with others should not exclude the vital feedback from those we love. Your actions or inactions do have an impact on someone. You just usually don’t realize this until it’s too late.

Bad dreams are made of sheets and who lies in between the tweets…

Bad circumstances happen to everybody, regardless of…

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