The Summer of Love – Reality Love (Not Just For Show) A Series to Empower Your Life

Reality shouldn’t be a half-ass State of Being…

I’m just too stressed to be blessed,” you may say in times of distress and anxiousness, especially when we don’t get our way.

How often do we feel the weight of the world (of someone else’s burdens or challenges) on us, then blame them for our own lackluster performance. Usually we respond with our own satisfaction in the moment when we need to begin with the end result in mind. Whether you are in a season of singleness, gender reorientation, or in the process of long-term relationship; our inclusiveness with others should not exclude the vital feedback from those we love. Your actions or inactions do have an impact on someone. You just usually don’t realize this until it’s too late.

Bad dreams are made of sheets and who lies in between the tweets…

Bad circumstances happen to everybody, regardless of political, social, economic, religious, gender, or diverse status.

Ain’t none of us all perfect. No matter how many followers, subscribers, likes, friends, or lovers you lose sleep over trying to impress. Sooner or later you will fuck up or get fucked over, even as you’re kissing to be clever.

You do what you desire for others out of a heart stance, but receive a slap in the face for your reward and act of compassion for someone you thought was your soul destiny.

Sing little birdie, but not unto me…

I’m reminded of this every time someone flips me the bird, which happened today. Always remember, it’s not you they’re angry with…it’s their own pent-up rage within. It is indeed harder to own up to your own reflection in the mirror when your body is covered with bruises, cuts, and scars from your past.

Take small incremental steps today to change your overall outlook on life first. Become aware of your own inner passion, pleasure, and pain then deal directly with what you can do now to break that cycle. What’s done is done and you can’t travel back in time. But you can make peace with your past in order to move forward to a better tomorrow.

As you embrace love in a hopeful place, you will find the blessing in the stressing to use as a dressing to flavor the salad of your new relationships with your life partner, friends, family, and colleagues.

Just take a chance and be open to your next chapter in life. You don’t want or need someone else to write the book for you. Just have faith in your own hand to inspire you and those around you to higher expectations.

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“You can’t achieve the results unless you have faith in yourself.”

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One thought on “The Summer of Love – Reality Love (Not Just For Show) A Series to Empower Your Life

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