Your Oracle of Decadent Desire – You have the Cap and Gown…Now what?

“Tear down that wall separating your imaginary dream from your destined reality.” Mark Adam

Walls can either block our path to greater success or provide another opportunity to think outside our own boundaries as we include others to have on our team in the process.

Where is your wonder oasis in the desert of your bare essence. Time to cleanse yourself in the tropical waters of your own private paradise.

Ok Ok. I know you may not have those vacation days yet from your job. You may not have the cash flow ready to buy that ticket to Bora Bora, Boracay, or Bangkok. Not yet at least. But you do have one thing to start out with; your mind, body, and creative spirit to embrace the challenges before you and to scale that wall to your Oasis of Dreams.

I chose this song because Wonderwall was our graduation song at Chico State. Later on I would achieve my Masters and our Commencement song would be Wish You Were Here. What’s your graduation song?

Now once you’ve got your Cap and Gown and that expensive piece of paper they lavishly call a degree, after they so kindly butcher your name or as I did, miss my cue while almost fist bumping the professor or tripping off the stage. Now what???

You throw your cap up into the air, strip off your gown, and…

Now those with your mind in never never land are probably thinking it’s f-ing party time so you are literally f-ing whatever and whoever you graduated with. Well go do that, but after you take Plan B, the morning after…you’ve got to have a Plan A or need I say a fucking Plan C just to pass go. Whatever order you feel fits best into those panties you are wearing (which may not be yours by the way). But then again maybe she prefers boxers or to be on top your ass.

Now you’ve got competition, plus not everyone needed a degree to get that prime position on top. They just had to get under someone else. Maybe a professor behind closed doors, which was the reason our university instituted an open door policy at all times literally. There is a difference between ass kissing and ass licking to get the grade above the bell curves of life.

Now grab yourself a Starbucks or work for them to achieve that degree and have some summertime fun before classes begin and you’ve gotta wash your own damn clothes or sleep with someone you don’t like in a tiny walk-in closet they call a dorm room. At least overseas we shared the showers and bathroom with the opposite sex. Plus we had a bar in the basement of the dormitory…How sweet was that!!!

I encourage anyone to explore other cultures and International Relations while backpacking across Europe. Asia, South America, or whatever continent or country gets your inner passion stirring.

But most of all just follow your own heart and not someone else’s. Unless you’re wearing their undergarments.

“Well that’s my rant, what’s yours?”

Please share, pics or video greatly appreciated if you like and so will give you proper credit. Plus the recognition you so gracefully or not deserve.

Carpe Diem and Summa Cum Latte or Late! Like Whatever, just don’t eat too many edibles before exam time.

©2018 Passion Angel Media. All Rights Reserved.

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