Your Oracle of Decadent Desire – Awake Within Me

Resurrecting the Dead back to Life

“Revive me to the Present from the Abyss of my Decadent Past.”

How many of us are looking to others in writing the lyrics to our own revival song. As your inner goddess sings your spent body to sleep…dreaming of paradise by the moonlight.

You alone are the composer who best can fine tune your inner melody. Better than the world or your passion angel at your side because in your dreamscape you must learn to conquer fate as you cross that bridge to destiny. That rainbow in the night will illuminate the way to your own sanctification.

So wake me up inside as I lay bare to the elements penetrating my essence and permeating my nakedness into blind submission. I pray myself into a faith-bounded trance as I open my mind to your divine intellectual wisdom, expose my body to your heavenly embrace, and be caressed by your angelic touch.

Awaken my inner goddess to that passion as in the Big Bang which started it all. The cosmic first time explosion…the need to feel loved again, to experience the mind-blown presence of a tropical rendezvous in the middle of a tsunami.

However strong these catastrophic hater forces of nature maliciously try to tear our relationship apart. We shall forever be together. Till the meteor strikes our private paradise or North Korea goes full on nuclear-free and Trump declares seven years of global peace.

We have found heaven here tonight as we lay each other down…but not to sleep, only to dream of that future humanity which began with that first kiss in the garden of tranquility and evanescence from the light of God mixed with the Goddess of the night.

©2018 Passion Angel Media. All Rights Reserved.

“Visualize world peace where love knows no boundaries, no gender, no race, nor social, political, or religious discrimination.”

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