Your Oracle of Decadent Desire – Passion Plume

Desire only ignites if you strike the match…just don’t get burned by the flame

You don’t have to fret about being alone. Take this season of singleness as an opportunity for inner growth and outer exploration into new uncharted experiences.

Bloom where you are planted…share in your beautiful creation as you transform the world around you. Adding your own signature style into the diverse mix of our passion artwork.

Go back to college, take career enhancement courses, learn a global language, a new skill, creative hobby, start a business, write your book, travel to those places you’ve been wanting to see, or explore your own personal faith in this vibrant creative beauty and all-inclusive collective community as you embrace all the Universe has to offer.

You cannot change your decadent past (or the global climate of chaos) but you can choose to live more passionately in the NOW and ask yourself, your divine angel, or God the HOW to achieve that WOW for even more intimate encounters and bountiful blessings.

Love is the answer. All you must do is ask the question with an open heart and an open mind.

Just be still and know that you are divinely loved.

©2018 Passion Angel Media. All Rights Reserved.

“Be still and know you are divinely loved.”

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