Pour That Latte Love All Over Your Gorgeous Ass Body – Passion Purpose #2 (To Give A Flying Forgiving Fuck Or Not)

When do I finally get what I want? Why do they have what I so fucking desire. It’s just so unfair.”

Who’ve all been there. Between a Heaven we dream about and a hell of our own choosing. You can be pro-active in your pro-choices, even if you screwed up royally, you can always make a better decision tomorrow.

Life is both majestic and sadistic at its core. As much as that forbidden fruit you just harvested off the vine in that magical garden paradise you are frolicking in or still waiting impatiently for the Universe to bless you there.

Always remember your grande latte of frappy scrappy love comes from above if you only open your heart to receive.

Sure you will spill that hot cup of coffee all over yourself more times than not as you try your best to dress your part. Maybe you blame it on the barista who didn’t put the lid on tight enough or perhaps shit just happens. You survive to live another day…so suck it up as you thank them for this opportunity others may not have. The freedom to drink a cup with the one you love; same sex or transgender without fear of persecution from some self-righteous religious fanatics. Give it up to those Starbucks baristas who grind to the beat of our most decadent caffeinated cravings.

So take pride in your kick-ass friends and crazy-ass lovers who stay with you no matter how bad-ass or lame-ass you may look or be. It’s these Snapchat lazy-ass moments which you’ll always remember, even if you don’t go viral as you prance your derrière off that stage, in your varying shades of inner and outer diversity. Just be yourself in the translucent mirror of your soul as you reflect your most passionate naked-versity.

You can retake as many shots as your heart desires or until you’re down and out sleeping on a bus bench giving head for some straight up cash or some collective California grass.

Hitchhiking with just the clothes on your back…

The sign says at the imaginary border of demarcation separating the entitled fucks from the fuck offs.

Welcome to our Golden Shower State of Fornicating Angels; both documented and undocumented, immigrants risking their own fucking lives to be set free from the impoverished wages of global disproportionate sin.

Just don’t get lost in the crowd or forget where the hell you came from. Because deep down inside we are all the same. Struggling to make it through our hustle towards greatness and a better tomorrow in our land of obscurity. Or until that damn meteor finally kisses earth’s ass.

We gonna party like it’s the End of the World as we know it ’cause we’re all fine (or just too fucking high out of our goddess damn minds and clothes) to even give a fuck or to receive in turn.

©2018 Passion Angel Media. All Rights Reserved.

“Be as Bad-Ass as you desire to be.”

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