Desert(ed) by Ian O’Hara, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble® – Recommended Book in the New Fiction Genre

The Hardcover of the Desert(ed) by Ian O’Hara at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $25 or more!
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“From Indie sensation Ian O’Hara…kicking ass and taking no shit with explosive content to jumpstart your flatlining heart until the very last word.

A riveting, edge of your bed, mindfuck experience sure to keep your caffeine-driven insomniac-ass awake at night…till you dive off into the deep abyss of your soul.

And you thought your dreams could save you…think again. You shouldn’t sleep alone.

Buy your copy today and read with your eyes and mind wide open as you share your own decadent desires with the one you love. Before it’s too late as you stare into the face of fate.”

Mark Adam and DIVE Publishing highly recommend this mind-blowing book, giving it a High-Five Star Latte Double-Fisting of Fucking Climatic Summertime Fun. No matter where you’re at or who you’re with.

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