It’s Time To Say F*ck It and Do It Anyway…Trump the Haters like a Mar-a-Lago Gator

“They say we’re broken. But we’re just broke enough. They say we’re all fucked up. Just fucked up enough. We’re not lost, we’re all just wonderers.” Borgeous -They don’t know us (2015)

There’s no such thing as a perfect time, ’cause either you’re right on time or you missed the damn exit. Or as our family would say, late to your own damn funeral…But by that time you’re dead anyways so what’s your fucking rush. Why beat the seconds on someone else’s watch, or keep banging your heart against their headboard. You are either in it to win it first class or you’re kissin’ the shit out their Trumped-up ass.

The time is up for chasing shadows while running uphill against the Winds of Chaos. Just ’cause you fucked up the first go round and didn’t win over the love of your night doesn’t mean you’re one soggy limp biscuit. Change those sheets and embrace a new dream tonight.

It doesn’t matter your birthdate, zodiac sign, relationship status, education degree…or the size of your wallet and your over-extended ego.

Your golf swing will always need some work to improve your score on a Par-3 bedspread. The best grass is not always greener on the other side. Besides why step in others shit when you’ve got your own mess to clean.

If you need to be recognized with applause or the accolades of others every time you smack your balls then maybe your IQ ain’t bigger than your shoe size or that hole you’ve been aiming for.

Pursuing your true desires will require you to unfuck your own self-righteous past, so you can experience your passiongasmic present. Even if you think you’re holy as those distressed jeans you’ve got on. Why the fuck are you so concerned about peer validation when you are showcasing your inner whore for the whole world to see. Even if you want to fuck everybody you see don’t mean you should. Sex can be used as an escape or a drug to get you high when your shithole just ain’t that gloryhole you were hoping for.

Our world is one great mindfuck in this matrix we feel lost in. The secret government keeps killing off all the holistic doctors finding cures for cancer and AIDS. Weather modification and Chemtrails spewing poisonous shit and piss into the air we suffocate in. Just so we buy their government-subsidized drugs; increasing the stockholdings of our corrupt politicians who only give a damn about their golf swing and next taxpayer funded vacation to ‘Pedo Island’.

Waking up to a Bed on Fire…Fanning the Flames of your Decadent Desire

Who you invite to bed at night should outlast the latest Netflix episode of Santa Clarita Diet. It will require more than a blood sacrifice or fat blunt faith to save your own flesh from another ‘premature romance-culation.’

Just ’cause you can hit that dope shit don’t mean you should wake up to a Stranger Things encounter ‘who the fuck did I just get under’. Blame it on one too many bong hits or edibles just before bedtime.

But by all means just relax and get down on your knees. ‘Cause you know the Night belongs to Divine Lust.

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“Ignite Your Passionate Desires”

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