Desire the Fire – from Passionate Success: Reviving your Own Dream

Befriending that stranger within

Choose today to be your own best friend. Learn to love yourself; all the faults and all the finer things about you, all the imperfect scars and blemishes still to be perfected on your chosen path to success. You must desire the fire and allow it to burn all that crap getting in the way of your change within.

Listen to your own heart…that inner still voice. Do not be consumed with the chaos of outside influences trying to bring you down.

Cubical complacency will only lead you to codependent complicity and in subservience to the dreams or desires of another.

What steps will you take to better yourself and those within your own sphere of influence?

©2018 Dream, Inspire, Visualize, Expect (DIVE) Publishing. All Rights Reserved

From “Passionate Success:” Reviving your Own Dream

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