Fierce as the Winds of Change – from ‘8 Passions of Claire-voyance’

8 Levels of Choices

“I’ve always wondered where my life would be right now if I didn’t make the choices I did. However those decisions eventually led me to find you. It’s like that Butterfly Effect scenario I remember reading about in my ‘Quantum Physics’ course. Even if it seems minuscule, that choice can change your future in an instant,” Rebekah answered rather contemplatively and with much forethought. “And you thought you couldn’t get an A in college, let alone on your oral presentation skills my love. Just consider me your fuck professor with a tight bell curve.” Claire loves her accent and the way she talks dirty gets her inner goddess dancing to their shared song. If only they could do the mango tango in Island Cove however that will come in due time. Just as soon as she gets it together and adds some closure to her bad relationships. It’s not like the airlines will allow her to bring on so much excess baggage.

Don’t go all Dr. Phil on me now. Are you considering a career move as some sort of Sexual Life Coach, ’cause you know I’ll cream your ass for the touchdown.”

Claire felt all the weight was on her shoulders and the world was spinning out of control around her. She knew this day was coming and saw the storm brewing off in the horizon. However she felt no rush to shield her body or mind from the intense downpour. As if an umbrella or poncho would help in these moments of uncertainty anyways.

She can still hear her mother calling her on the phone while she studied at the University. Even if it gets bad or the challenges of your immediate life seems in flux…just remember that your passion will carry you all the way through to your purpose and true calling. God will stay by your side no matter what happens in your travels. Her wisdom will always haunt her in the dead of sleep or as she awakes out of her pot-induced coma.

Claire traveled around the world, however she cherished most of all coming back home to Raleigh, North Carolina where her youthful years were spent. Those memories will forever stay with her, even if her faith has washed away with the rain.

“I know you love me Rebekah, however I can’t help but wonder how your life would be if I didn’t bring all my baggage and relational shit with me. It’s not like you signed up for a one way ticket to hell.”

“Just shut up girl and kiss me. You know anything you are going through I’m glad to experience with you. Even if I must fuck your pain away to make you forgive your own past,” Rebekah playfully yet sternly spoke right into her heart as she planted a smacking kiss landing straight on her luscious peach lips. “I told you I’d do whatever it takes to make you happy, even if you go trippin’ on some bad flashback I’ll bring your ass back to twerk heaven right in my face.”

Rebekah knew Claire was losing control over her situation and this was the reason she initially ran away from her childhood home. She needed to find her inner passion first before coming back, however life is never the same as it once were. Because the world keeps spinning around and moving forward while you are running in ice and chasing those shadows behind you.

The fight for a better day is now or never. It only takes one simple makeover to begin…then you can attempt to change the world if you desire to. Claire read this someplace somewhere. It stuck with her as she pursued her life interest; fleeting as they may.

Or as Avicii would have sang in his prophetic voice, Wake me up…didn’t know I was lost. “At least not until I found you,” Claire whispered intently into Rebekah’s ear. “Even if I’m depressed yet determined to get it done in the hot SoCal sun, we can do it better together. Just the two of us.”

(To be continued…)

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