F*ck Everyone Else, Live Your Own Dream…from Buck-Naked Passion: Living Vicariously Outside your Comfort Zone

We all must bare our own soul in order to reveal the truth…

Don’t be a fool lost in love, rather be a fool with passionate purpose within.  Be invisible to the haters who seek to crucify your dreams and nail them to a tree.

To thy enemies just smile back instead when they try to smack you down with Words of Envy or Discontent.  Their status in life may be lacking in luster and lustful abandon for their own pursuit of passion.

So do not be dismayed by the evil jealously of this world which seeks to steal more from you than you already freely give.  As in love, every desire worthy of praise…never announce your next move or where your heart is leading.

Keep them guessing or thinking, What the fuck will they do next. There is no need to post every single mundane moment or pics of the meal you shared last night with your latest fling on FB.  Remain an enigma and mystery to even those closest to you and surprise them with your next ‘coming out with a vengeance’ VIP party.

©2018 Passion Angel Media. All Rights Reserved. 

“Revive your Dream”

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