Your Kick-Ass Performance Is Now…Kiss That Angel Looking Up At Ya 

It’s never too late to change your attire before you retire your long-anticipated desire. 

So Go Ahead! Kick-Ass and Kiss that Angel on Top of You…

Our life story may not win an Oscar, Emmy, or Best Picture.  Our love song may not win a Grammy, go platinum, or be featured on ‘The Voice.’ Your Vlog may not be as Vogue as Madonna a expressing herself and striking a pose.  

You may not receive Applause like Lady Gaga while asking yourself and God a million reasons why not as we masquerade behind our poker face.  Your last Bad Romance may not have been as Good for (Everybody Else as it was for) you or Selena Gomez.  Yea like you’d only wish it went viral as Justin’s latest Purpose for her latest Fetish in the Freezer.  As if her body can ever be as cold as ice cubes in your drink.  We all need somebody to thaw with as we skinny dip into cold cold water.  But no one should ever drown on their own.  Cause we all get lost sometimes…it’s who we are and how we grow., you know, before love finds us and sets us free.  Until then we keep searching for ourselves in the embrace of strangers. 

Who gives a fuck about your life unless they are sharing the same bed as you…

Therefore why do we keep comparing ourselves to some unattainable standard only manipulated through photoshop or a superficial pretentious production.  You don’t need a million dollars to change your own life or a million seasons of regrets for all those bad choices you made.  Just because it was good for the other person but not for you.  The same goes for your dream and your decadent desire to achieve more than that one night stand or the perfect fuck…as if there is such a thing and if you do find it let me know.  I always love a great happy ending. 

We are who we are just as God and the Universe created us.  God makes no mistakes…we were born this way.  So cherish your body, mind, and destiny as your gift back to the world.  To craft beauty out of shit, to harness the calm out of chaos, and to raise our magnificent voice in unison with the ones we love over the noise of all these distractions all around us.  Life is one crazy ass mind-fuck, but only if you let others control how you use what was freely given you.  

Conjuring up your inner shit…

So you may not be an American or International Idol; a rock star, a great singer, a supermodel, on the Lakers, or a best selling author.  Fuck what others are saying to you or behind your back.  Start listening to your own inner goddess.  Your higher power has more choices that are more deserving of your honor than some conditional contract signed in blood. 

It’s never too late to make your own bed or to change your attire before you retire your true desire.  As long as you can twerk that ass into action you can choose a new reaction to that shituation which got you here in the first place. 

It’s your time to shine fucking awesomely and to unfuck your door to greater possibilities as you seek out your new passion purpose.  

What is keeping you from leaving your dress a mess on the floor…being a marquise diamond in order to make Tiffany jealous.  Because you’ve still got the goods to back it up as you vape it down…fourteen carats away from shining out loud once again.

Now go look good for that one your heart beats with and bang on heaven’s headboard tonight.  Make her never wanna leave.  

©2018 Passion Angel Media. All Rights Reserved. 

“Revive your Dream” 

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