Passion Purpose Principle #1 (Finding Hope in a Passionless Place) from “8 Passions of Claire-voyance Diaries” 

Chasing Faith…

How many of you are chasing a dream or simply chasing that love you didn’t know you had on the dance floor last night.  Just like that unforgettable scene from Silver Linings Playbook which is by far the best romantic movie since Fools Rush In and Serendipity.  Well at least to me anyways.  

As Tiffany would ask Pat, “You love me?” Are you willing to risk it all, placing undivided trust staying in someone else’s heartbreak hotel.  Just to save yourself from a night filled with regret for things undone and words left unsaid. 

I believe we all are searching for that superhero with more than just superhuman gifts.  Someone whom can be around when it seems God can’t. To free us from our sins and revive us back into eternal bliss.  We all want somebody we can kiss the sky with and turn to during our most decadent eclipse.  We all need that special friend who will clasp our hand and ride that emotional roller coaster with us till the very end…or at least until we puke our guts out all over the place.  

Something (or someone) just like this (that dream of old or fairytale love).” Maybe your faith has been tested by too many one night fleeting encounters; chasing shadows from your past in finding that Legend of your Youth deep within your soul.  

All you ever wanted was to be saved from your own self-doubts and fear of your own myths coming to light.  You feel you’re about to lose control if you don’t have something to turn to or someone to hold on to like that gold cross around your neck. 

Sure nothing is guaranteed in this lifetime, not even our lackluster faith in ourselves, others, or a universe greater than this situation or status you are currently in.  But nonetheless you still have a choice to embrace love in a hopeless place  as euphoric yellow diamonds in the light.  Collectively best shared together with the one we sparkle in our most translucent intimate moments.  

As Pat would say, You have to do everything you can, you have to work your hardest, and if you do, you have a shot at a silver lining.” 

But maybe you’ve got to first let go of all that junk holding you back from your opportunity to say Yes again to love and a more passionate life.  As I’ll say again and again when I fail and fail to get it right.  

God makes no mistakes.  He ain’t got time for that.  But he has provided the mind you need to make a change.  You just have to twerk your body into action.  

We are just one conversation away from greatness, even if we are less than perfect or a bit awkward. 

“Embrace any challenge with open arms and expect something just like this love which you’ve been seeking all along.” 

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“Finding hope in a passionless place” 

Video credit: M J Adam.  RLC Band, Valencia, CA.  Coldplay/Chainsmokers Cover 

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