Lustful Intentions (from ‘8 Passions of Claire-voyance) 

The following raw and unedited excerpt is from a prospective chapter of the book.  If you find anything you think I should include or would like to add a perspective or help in collaboration please let me know.  I’ll provide credit for your support and assistance.  Due to the story synopsis and mature romance genre potential strong language will be used in accordance to content.  Religious, political, gender, and sexual themes will be in the mix.

I’m an advocate for free uncensored speech and print, however no hate speech will be tolerated nor any direct references to violent acts outside the scope of dialogue.  We don’t condone illegal activities, drug use, or unsafe sexual practices, therefore any reference going forward is strictly fictional and any characters or places in real life are merely coincidental.  The story excerpts (to exclude other blog posts) are recommended for 18 and older readers.  

As always Stay Sassy Assy in all things heavenly or otherwise.  

Heavenly angels are warring with the fallen angels as the last days of civilization are soon approaching.  A business leader who made billions off real estate around the world is elected President of the United States amid both domestic and international tensions.  Mass looting and civil unrest has hit major cities in not just the US but Paris, Berlin, Stuttgart, Madrid, Manila, Cebu; just to name the places currently under martial law.  The US government is positioning themselves to evacuate quietly to their ‘secured underground facility’ located in Colorado, the Cheyenne Mountain Complex.  The nation’s capital will not be safe once Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, and Xi Jinping gives the orders to their alliance members in initiating the final phase of the New Nuclear World Order.  

As Putin has confided in a late breaking televised alert broadcast on CNN, “America will be on their knees praying for mercy and Trump will be no where to save them.  Mother Russia will give birth to a NWO.” 

Azrael is speaking to Sophia in private conference.  

“Why can’t we just kill her already.  I want my fill, plus I have a damn quota to meet.  You think it’s easy having this much power and trying to contain it.  The End of Civilization draws near.  We cannot wait until Russia freezes over, Azrael exclaims to Sophia.  By the time she finds out the Secret her soul will be saved.  We need her not to drink the Blood.” Sophia responds, “She is not to be touched so let her be.  Once she finds her destined love she will be set free.” 

Dying to Self…


I keep having that same dream again.  Visions of magical fiery orange shrooms light up the night sky.  Damn I must lay off that pot just before bedtime.

They say you only die once.  But emotionally, existentially, and sexually my body has been hung on the cross and left exposed to the elements of our necrophilic human nature.  If left to our own devices and free-will choices these uncontrollable animalistic desires will lead to laws outlawing sexual inter course with corpses or the ‘living dead.’  

The world is a mad mad one indeed, but so are our election stealers who demand from us not just more tax dollars or more money from our blood, sweat, and semen as we work our asses off to make a living off the streets or the clubs of ill repute.  

So yes, I’ve died thousands of times and raped sadistically by self-righteous freaks whom just used purists like myself for their own personal amusement.  It’s how these elitists get off when they aren’t sparring with one another about who has the biggest stick or mouth to suck it.  These global leaders convene in Bohemian Grove or in Italy while passing around young girls and boys as their drug which keeps fueling their insatiable desire for domination and control over us. 

Physically we are all spirits inside longing to be set free.  At least on our own terms…not with a gun aimed at our heads.  Phallic symbol or otherwise, I’d suck enough dicks just to stay ahead of the game or have some dyke-ass Kardashian slut suffocate my face between her musky-scented thighs.  A bitch needs to get fed and have a place to rest her weary mascara smeared head.  

I’ve died to many things in this life, including in the arms of angelic beings whom shared the same desires, passions, and lustful intent as I.  I was young and stupid, taking my chances rolling the dice, placing my bets with yet another lover.  Let’s just hope this one doesn’t scream so loud the neighbors call 911.  After 11:11 pm anything is possible behind the 8 ball.  

“My hands and feet bound tightly to the bed I cannot move or even touch you,” Claire melodically speaks in hushed tones to her inner goddess of passion.  “You are so fucking beautiful and seem to enjoy savoring my sweetness.”

Feeling vulnerable completely disrobed yet unashamed of her bare essence in the eyes of her familiar stranger.  Her clothes savagely yet deliberately torn off with so much force…welts are left upon her skin.  She feels the intense pain as this angelic presence as she pushes deeper into her…penetrating her soul.  She moans in both pleasure and agony from the roughness of it all, but after the initial pressure they both desire even more from one another in this midnight encounter.  Filling her up with a heavenly ecstasy as in synchronized swimming and the water is warm as the tropical islands of her youth.  Surging wave after crashing wave of sensations as this angelic body is rocked back and forth across the surf on her golden coast.   

Claire praying to her angel of decadent desires…

“In you my lust I trust my mind and body as I give you everything you see here…this naked essence of a passion-filled life.  Oh my goddess, you are so fucking good,” screams Claire as her eyes roll back inside her head and she is carried away to lustful paradise.  “Damn I’m so orgasmic and dripping wet with cum, fuck me harder with your tongue,” she pants out exhausted and trying to catch her breath.  

So it is with our journey towards paradise, even if we must pass through purgatory to get there.  I can’t say hell because one doesn’t supposed to enjoy that place.  I’ve got no regrets from my girlfriend experiences and other relations with those translucent beings.  You know those dreams of you with another whose intoxicating scent overwhelms you even as you sleep.  I woke up one of many mornings with a force of angelic nature.  Erotic if I might and at the same time asphyxiating me to the point of death.  It’s too soon to face the Grim Reaper or whatever angel is put in charge of your crossover into that celestial sphere.  

It’s gonna happen I know too soon, however this bad-ass inner goddess wants to be satisfied to the brink of darkness; fucking all the while us both are diving off that cliff (or driving off it as that couple in Northern California).  

Either way I want to die happy like that college girl in North Carolina and not get body-slammed with blunt force trauma to this beautiful body of mine.  In fact I want the mortician to praise this corpse of a passionate life and desire to fuck me one last time right on that cold slab in the freezer like that Chicago teenager Selena needed to save her own soul from the flames of hell.  

Selena was an angel of the light however to receive the highest accolades and greatest rewards in the myriad of talented singers.  She gave up her own body, mind, and destiny even to outsell her music; signing her contract with those Reptilian Shapeshifters of old.  Sure she fucked the top executive so they could have a baby to sacrifice in order to obtain more power. Blood wine is most valued from the just born innocent of thee. 

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