Your Sassy Assy Angel Stole Your Blanket Again…Choose who shares in your embrace 

The Raging River Within 

Don’t just wait for hell to freeze over or heaven to come crashing down.  No naughty or nice angel is gonna jump from Cloud 9 into your lap unless you clean up your own act.  Your life may be as a raging river, turbulent as can be, heading towards that waterfall because we decided to go it our own way with lack of foresight or control. 

Make the choice today to embrace your own inner happiness.  You don’t need to give a fuck about what others think or may say.  Unless they own your body, mind, and soul; but even that diamond ring won’t buy her love for you at that high a price. 

Chasing Chaos Instead of Opportunity 

So do what you feel is right, no matter the direction this path you have chosen takes you.  A journey full of chased opportunities is better than one with safe bets and bitter regrets.  So in love or passion for someone just like your most decadent desires or something greater than your wildest dreams…pursue the One who makes your heart beat faster, your body sweat, and your bed catch on fire.  

If you dare to dance and desire to dream deeper you must embrace the divine passion in the simple acts of human nature.  In the eyes of a stranger we may find ourselves and our passion angel to guide us along this beautiful walk of life.  

In our most intimate moments our bodies speak louder than words.  In fact our voice can get in the way of hearing our heart beat in sync to love shared and feeling the vibrations of our most passionate essence. 

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“Ignite Your Passion” 

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