Today Your Passion Angel Desires You To Know…You have the voice to sing your song with the one you love 

Allowing Space for Grace…

Allowing yourself space to make greater, more life changing decisions in your life requires risk. I’ve always wondered where I would be right now if I just graduated from this one college, dated this one girl, applied for this position, or relocated to this state or country.  

But why dwell on these so-called missed opportunities when we can celebrate and highlight our past and present victories.  Listening to that inner voice breaking out in our heart song is where our Powerbeats 3 should be connected to. 

Focusing on our past accomplishments…

Study abroad in Germany while attending Chico State, finishing my masters from Liberty University later in life, and living in North Carolina for a spell were some of those moments.  We all have similar accomplishments, even amongst the bad choices we’ve decided upon.  

It’s your responsibility now going forward to embrace your passion and your ability to make you happy and the one you love.  It should last more than a song or one fleeting romantic encounter.  

Your voice will carry you beyond the night and into the dawn of this new vibrant light.  

How will you choose today to take control and just let it go?

©2018 Passion Angel Media and MJ Adam.  All Rights Reserved. 

“Voice your chance to choose better together” 

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