Naked Progression: from ‘8 Passions of Claire-voyance’ 

Lust and Found in Abandon and Co-Passion in the moment

“Dizzy with pleasure and abandon.  My feet are barely touching the ground.  My heels scrabble to find a hold and I have to brace myself…to stop from falling forward.” 

excerpt from Sasha Grey’s The Juliette Society 2013 

How many of us feel like we’re free falling as if in a lucid dream, but just before we hit the ground we wake up?  We may, in those initial seconds wonder where we are or who that is in this plane of existence we are sharing.  Our very habits, belief system, faith, and sexual intelligence all self-contained in the emotional bliss of a heaven-sent angelic kiss.  

My heart was frozen in time, as cold as those ice cubes in the drink we both shared at a rave to seduce me into a trance; this freezer of tainted love, you walked in on me as I lay to die; too young to live out my dreams without the One who made my body sing.  You revived me and harvested my ripe inner goddess to set her free.    

Banging on heaven’s headboard…

Doing unto others as you so gratefully do for yourself means living outside your own limited expectancies, even in those brief moments of uncertainty when it seems hell is banging at your door to serve a summons.  

I’ll admit, on many days I don’t feel like engaging someone in pleasantries let alone personal small talk.  It takes all within me to contain my moodiness and to fake a smile or even a cursory hello.  But you don’t want Ms Karma to be on top of you because she can be a real bad-ass and kill you with her thunder thighs if you don’t repent of your sins.  

Clairevoyance Passion Angel spreading her golden wings…

In Eight Passionate Shades of Undress.  Eleven:nevele.  Pole dancing, twerking for rent money or a little milk and honey.  Entertaining angelic whores at the Seventh Veil on the Sunset Strip, the City of Fallen Angels torn between heaven and hell.  Lost in lust but found in the forbidden fruit of another part-time lover.  Out loud I scream with you inside me.  Kissing to be clever and fucking me forever.  For the lost wages of sin is fornicational death on that cold slab in the freezer of your lifeless love.  Tattooed as young dreamers do with your angel wings above my heart-shaped ass.  Adorned with diamond chains and a satin lace sarong wrapped tightly around this banging body.  

Dive into Destiny

As you strip everything holding you back, those mind-fuck reminders which prevent us from achieving our dreams or being with the one who makes our inner goddess scream.  Just forgive that transfiguration of old staring back at you in the broken mirror within your soul as you leave it at the crossroads between heaven and hell.  As you face your own vulnerability and soon to be immaculate reflection, it’ll become easier to embrace the divine diversity, differences, and even decadent desires outside your own private lagoon. 

Someplace without abandon between 11:11 PM and 08:00 AM.  In varying Stages of Undress before you arrive at your own Address…(Paradise on the Side of the Road Least Traveled and Illuminated by Fireflies

It’s always easier to fantasize about a change of clothes while sitting on the couch in our undies.  But unless we are willing to work that ass our beautiful transformation will never come about.  You are only as imperfect as others say you are.  

The very moment you choose to redefine your body, mind, and emotional essence by your own highest of standards…you set your inner goddess desire free, releasing your perfect angel to spread her wings and fly.  Dance like you own the dance floor with the Santa Ana Winds sweeping you across the landscape of your most intimate and decadent dreams.  Shared in the present with the One you were destined for all eternity to love.

You can only travel as far as your heart is willing to follow

As you consider others before your own self-centered needs you learn to empower those you love.  You create a safe place of awareness and understanding for the immediate desires of your lover, allowing a sanctification of both the body and mind.  

But you must initiate the action first, then proceed across the veil separating your love for that very special person; who shares in both the pleasure and pain.  If your two souls are connected in flight by that invisible cord then no force of nature or gush of gossip will ever blow that House of Love down.  No matter how much Benjamins you make it rain as fallen angels test your faith…there is no stopping destiny from taking your hand and leading you back to her sweet passionate paradise between your filthy sheets of mind-blown grace and forgiveness.  

The Sacred Embrace of an Angel

There are many chances to get it right after your fall from heaven’s enticing embrace, however with each new day comes another opportunity for your rebirth song.  

As the most beautiful passion angel in the world Selena Gomez would sing, “I feel like I’ve awakened…The chains around me are finally breaking.  I’ve been under self-restoration. I’m becoming my own salvation.  This is my revival.” 

That cross or heart of gold resting between your breasts may remind you of your childlike faith. But no one can save you from your own devices; not even that gorgeous angel watching over you.  And yes not even Selena or her doppelgänger.  
©2018 Passion Angel Media.  All Rights Reserved. 

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