Turning your Shitholes into Gloryholes – Licking Someone Else’s Donut ‘Hole’ (the Ariana Grande Effect) 

Stop licking someone else’s hole…

The world is full of people who think they know crap about everything and everyone.  I call them Craptellers and Tarot Shitters.  The same person who tells you the best path to take or what choice you should make will trip you up and knock your ass down.  

We are surrounded by self-centered jealous individuals and lovers.  Doing what we truly desire is that much harder because of the shit others leave for us to clean up.  

The same ones who don’t flush their own toilet or clean up after themselves will want you to wipe their prissy little butts and straighten up their stain-filled sheets on the bed that they just slept in with you.  

Satisfy Thyself Be True…

Time to give a greater fuck about yourself than that inner goddess looking for her Sex Fix.  You have all the power to change your life inside you now.  No matter your finances, career, education, religion, politics, or gender preference; once you desire this change badly enough you will fight the forces of nature to get there.  

It may involve a radically different approach to the way you’ve been doing things.  You may have to sacrifice something or work smarter on a new blueprint for transformational success. Anything worth having is not free, for if it was freely given you would not value it as highly as that which was paid for in sweat and blood.  

Maybe you need to do a spring cleaning of your personal space and living sphere.  Sometimes all it takes is a bigger trash can or recycling container to minimalize your personal essence so you can fully maximize your higher potential to greater than yourself outside your cube. 

Why settle for less than your very best ‘selfie moment’ and create your new portfolio for ‘passiongasmic’ success.  

Impress yourself as you dress and undress your beautiful bad-ass goddess…Light the world on fire with your decadent desire for more.

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“Ignite Your Passion for Perfection” 

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