Turning your Shitholes into Gloryholes – Inspired Insanity 

Falling on your ass with divinely clumsy grace…

You are the only one who knows you best.  So never allow yourself or others to confine you inside your own ‘cube of complacency’ or to handcuff you to the headboard of their own unfulfilled dreams.  

Your dream your passion your vision may seem crazy and irrational to others around you.  But all true innovators of their unique craft had to first fail miserably and with awkward grace on their road to making it all happen.  Even if ya got to bust your crazy beautiful ass down that runway of shame onwards to your stage of dreams. 

If you fuck the shit up, do it awesomely…

God knows you will fuck up, awesomely I might add…even falling on your heart-shaped ass, but the beauty of success is found while frolicking in the mud.  Because you can’t wait till the shit gets ugly when you’re too damn sexy for that Golden California tan already.  So just get naked and blow the one you’re with in the Santa Ana wind.  

God created beauty out of shit…

The best blooms in life, the best harvest all began with a seed planted in manure and dirt.  So never forget the crap you are made of or the shit you grew out of as you spread your petals on that bed you still have yet to make.  In fact just throw all those damn sheets off already since you both have each other to snuggle in a onesie for two.  

Bask in the afterglow with the passion angel you are with…

In the afterglow of passion kissing the lips of the one you are with while embracing every ordained moment between the legs of your mind-blown inspired insanity.  That crazy ass beautiful thing we call love (or lust)…well whoever the fuck your wicked inner goddess desires so passionately.  That sloppy wet kiss from heaven in your bed tonight.

Only when we find our souls counterpart will we discover our own destiny.  Someplace on the way to Vegas (or wherever you want to travel to) between the sheets of the sacred and profane.  Nailed to that bedpost and banged into oblivion. Your inner goddess needing her mind, body, and soul ravaged by angelic deep penetrating desire (DPD). 

Kill ‘em with sex (and wet sappy kindness)…

Ok, so I just can’t get enough of sappy Hollyweird romance, erotica, pornica, and reruns of Californication.  I’m also a huge Selena Gomez fan and she could revive my dead body anyday…or so I wish.

As my perfectly fine angel would say, “Thou shalt not find rest, only pain until you achieve the pleasure through your determined pressure to persevere.” 

However the fuck you define your own personal reading into this…Life is both a gamble and a blessing as you roll the dice.  But why the hell would you want to live with regret for not being with the one you truly love (or just want to fuck).  Hey that’s all up to you to decide and that bitch you just paid at that massage place.  So never allow others, even your closest friends, family, or significant fuckmates to piss on your parade.  Unless you have a golden shower fetish. Hell, who am I to judge.  I have a buffet menu of choices I want done unto me.  I’ll save my list for another time.  

Now get the fuck on your knees and pray to the one who serves you.  Karma is sure to be reciprocal bliss. 

Who do you aim to please? 

Next chapter: Finding Your Own Reason In Your Passion Season 

©2017 DIVE Publishing.  All Rights Reserved. 

Who cares a fuck how you get there, just get there when you can.” 

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