Turning Your Shitholes Into Gloryholes – More WTF Wisdom from the Bowels of Your Sappy Ass 

You weren’t meant to be ‘holey’, but to be full of glory…

Life is only as good as your next Selfie or fucked up “Shame-mark Moment.” So have yourself another shot glass of espresso with some Baileys Irish Cream and you’ll do just fine. 

If you’re complacent in other people’s crap, you will not only act or think like them, but you will smell like shit as well.  Conformity to complacency happens when we stop giving a damn about our own shituation.  

This tends to occur in co-dependent relationships and ‘fuckships.’ We forsake our own dreams in between the sheets of total strangers who want nothing more than to steal your undivided affection and energy for themselves.  They long ago have given up on their true purpose…so these lust-thirsty zombie lovers will want nothing more than to suck the lifeblood right out of you.  

You won’t realize until it’s too late that not only was your heart stolen, but your mind, body, and emotional being was exploited for a temporary escape or elevated rush of Sextacy.  

©2018 Passion Angel Media. All Rights Reserved. 

“Ignite Your Passion”

Next chapter: Watching the shit you step in on your way to greatness. 

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