A Symphony of Distraction – Finding Your Own Instrument 2 Play 

Notable potholes or Symphonic Voices in your Head

Jake Ducey in his motivational book, The Purpose Principles explains in contemporary terms how to draw more meaning into what you do or wish to fulfill.  You may not be where you are today but you can choose a different path.  

As I was walking back home I used my iPhone and Google Maps to assist me on my trek.  It’s amazing how helpful and pleasantly distracting a soothing yet demanding woman’s voice can be telling you where you should go.  Selena Gomez’s voice would get me every time if she was the navigator.  

In fact it can be any voice, not just Siri, but also those familiar words from our family, friends, lovers, and ghosts from our past.  All competing for our undivided attention as we seek to placate their concerns over our own; warranted or self-serving, while duct taping the mouth of our own inner voice shut. 

Getting distracted is easy with our technology and devices in our faces; so much so that we miss the opportunities right in front of us or slam head-on into our own demise.  In fact I’ve seen people walking right out into the street without even looking up.  Your phone may be replaceable at a cost but your life is not.  Just ask that girl who took her last Selfie before crashing into a tree in North Carolina. 

In the greater scheme of life and love you can literally “eat shit and die” or figuratively indulge on some shit disguised as real food when in fact it’s just crappy instant gratification.  Isn’t it worth the time to recalibrate your GPS and; as Jake Ducey states, “to find something else and then die?” Either way we don’t escape death but we can avoid that bus heading straight for us and look up…saving ourselves and that tree.  

Next chapter: Avoiding the shit pies on our mobile To Go order. 

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The Civic Musical Road in the very beautiful city of Lancaster, California.  Photo credit: roadtrippers.com 

“Ignite Your Passion” 

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