Flight 2 Love – Institution of Higher Honorgasms (explicit adult themes, 18 and older readers only please be advised) 

Where’s room number 2469… 

“You’ve got those eyes,” the foreign exchange student said to this up and coming young culinary visual artist.  College of the Canyons was the place to be seen in the dynamic and disparately-diverse Southern California community.  The locals all referred to the campus by the acronym COC.  No pun intended but the huge phallic symbol in the courtyard was not so subtle.  Every bi-curiously new student had to stroke the smooth granite base from the bottom to as high as one could reach.  Selfies were even taken by those daring enough to reach the very top while straddling the tip; some even did it bareback.  The monument was always glistening in the bright sunlight from all the residual leftover quintessential oils from past participants and the initiation rites of passion of the daring newcomers.  

There were even a vast array and sizes of various colored and themed panties spread all around the base with bold black lettering like, Ya wanna purr my kitty?, Can U Make Her Scream?, POP My Cherry, My vaginas a nightmare 4 U, OMP (Oh My Pussy), Lick It Like A Lollipop, Gushing All In, Take The Plunge, Taste Testers Inquire Within, Vape This, Smoke My Pussy, JFMN (Just Fuck Me Now), MMPCA (Make My Pussy Come Again), and my personal favorite, MFGA (Make Fucking Great Again). 

The culinary student was quite nervous about being flirted upon and by an Asian newcomer who spoke only broken English…however she was also bi-curious and just wondered how her inner goddess will feel being ravished by a sweet shy Fortune Angel.  She could only imagine how that delicate flickering tongue would feel between the warm pink walls of her secret cavern that only her first boyfriend knew.  Well he barely explored she should say because he despises oral as much as sex lately.  Maybe because he’s too damn focused on making love to that Apple laptop than taking a bite of his own lover’s fruit.  He doesn’t know what the fuck he is doing anyways during sex so didn’t even get far before slipping out and ejaculating all over her lower stomach.  She had demanded he eat his own semen and he unwillingly abided as he licked up all his sperm off her and then kissing her on the lips as they shared in the moment.  He came so hard and so much thick white goo was all over her breasts and clit.  Claymore lost the bet they had wagered and she couldn’t wait to see his reaction as he cleaned her body off with that heavenly snow.  Swallowing cum would be his first time so she gave him some of her pineapple juice to wash it all down. Just like his own juice; sweet, tart, with just a tad of salt.

Now she was more than willing to get off satisfied with her latest fortune cookie.  She will taste an Asian love juices for the very first time and she is savoring the opportunity to compare her own taste to that of her newly found lover.  She has always touched herself; mainly so she could get all wet and bothered so to taste her juices and lick that sweet cum delight off her freshly manicured fingertips.  I just hope she gushes all over my tongue and mouth, she says to herself as she moved her own hand beneath her shorts and under her panties which were already moist with anticipation.

She wanted to get them off so badly but she didn’t want to appear the secret slut she feels like every time she sees a hot girl she desires on the street or city bus.  If she were home she’d be slipping her shorts on down to her bracelet covered ankles in one fell swoop and then proceed to slip her panties in one quick motion to the floor as she steps out of them with her bare feet and sit on the living room couch completely naked, except for her T-shirt which would stay on until she was about to cum.

Her perky nips were piercing through her skin-tight pink Hello Kitty shirt as if her breasts signaling for some attention. She slowly pulled her top over her head, throwing it to the side. Her 36 Cs now exposed as you plunged two fingers into her love canal. She needed to taste her sweetness so badly, her tongue salivating at the mere thought of wet sticky fingers in mouth.

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