Symphony of Seduction – Selection from Flight 2 Love: Passion Island Cove 

Disclaimer: 18 and older advised due to mature content and strong language. 

Raging Sensuous Passion – Symphony of Seduction 

Claire’s first ‘coming out’ girlfriend sexperience happened in Raleigh, North Carolina when she attended the International Fair Trade Festival on the NC State campus.  She loved the Filipino food which the one foodie truck served.  Siopao and chicken inasal were her favorites however her homegirl from Davao City tried to push that Balut shit on her.  Even threatening to withhold sex so of course she ended up caving in; it did taste just like chicken. 

“Its an acquired taste just like your sweet and sour ass Jassy,” Claire would say.  Jasmine was her first real Asian experience and she never would be the same again once that lagoon was swam across.  She sat adjacent to her in Culinary Essentials class in the Spring term.  Jassy as Claire would intimately call her had to leave after that first year at NC State to go attend to her ailing parents back home in the Philippines.  She was her inner goddess charm bracelet wrapped around her.  Sacred in every way like the diamond-studded cross between her soft and supple breasts which set her soul free from her childhood pain.  

God…she missed her muse, even in her deepest of dreams she still envisions Jassy beckoning her to draw nearer as her angelic wings caress her bare-naked innocence from worldly evil intent.  The winds of change are presently working within her heart as she shares her body and most intimate self with her new passion angel.  Maybe in a weird way Jassy would be amused and want to join in the fun.  As the playful goddess in her garden of succulents would whisper to her softly, “Who says you can’t have ‘lust’ of happy happy happy days in each and every way as you nibble on that tasteful passion fruit on the tree of shared love and salacious bliss in your secret paradise.” 

Claire and Rebekah; both skin to skin…passive submissive to her lover’s intensely decadent domineering ways.  Yin and Yang.  They had been exploring Palawan and decided to make it a full day, ending up in this isolated lagoon miles from the mainland.  The tropics best kept secret off the beaten path.  

The sea was now raging and showed no mercy under the full blue moon.  Warm water spraying mist over their connected bodies as if cleansing them of last night’s sin.  It’s as though mother nature was being punished into submission by an angry and irate cosmos.  The waves crashed and crescendoed like a chaotic symphony without their conductor.  Every being left to their own devices and moral turpitude.  
“Claire wake your ass up!” shouted Rebekah in panic mode as though all hell was on fire.  “We need to get out of her like now.” 

“Like whaaaat is going on baby?” Claire melodically speaks in an almost half-asleep angelic whisper to her.  She is still sorely but serendipitously spent from their magical night together and she is still trying to process it allAs if in some transcendent lucid dream.  You know the one where you are walking through a crowded room or sanctuary of worshipers but you are the only one completely naked.  But you are unashamed and the invited guests have all come to worship at your freshly pedicured feet.  You feel set free with no inhibitions; empowered by the adoration of all present as they await to touch, caress, and kiss every inch of your sweat glistening skin. 

It was warm and somewhat humid outside as they fell asleep in each other’s embrace on a blanket laid out on the white sand beach of a private island in the Visayas.  Their clothes were all strewn across the catamaran which they came in on the previous afternoon.  The weather was clear then except for some clouds on the horizon.  

During the night an earthquake struck off the coast of China measuring 8.1 on the Richter scale.  There were Tsunami alerts sent out however they both had no working cellphones.  It’s not like their devices would function in the middle of paradise lost anyways.  

They both quickly put on their sarongs and sandals, gathered up their belongings and other clothes, heading up the hill to higher ground on the island.  The locals had a secret hideout in the side of the mountain but it was a challenge to get to with all the overgrown brush and native floral which the private secluded sanctuary was known for.  Legend had it that if you didn’t make love with a pure heart then you will anger the sex goddess overseeing the isolated lagoon.  She was the gatekeeper to the cave and was fiercely jealous of any lover; human or otherwise.  

The last two girls to explore the cavern were working for the Peace Corp at the time.  They were never seen again from this island paradise.  As if all trace of them vanished along like the cool mist from the sea on Claire and Rebekah’s bare skin.  Not even an article of clothing was left behind.  It was as though they both never ever existed in the physical realm.  

To be continued…

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Photo: Philippines 🇵🇭 

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