Your Passiongasmic Inner Goddess Wants You To…Shapeshift your Mind-f*ck Reality (from the series: Shapeshifter Dreams) 

The original post was an unorthodox look at short-lived romance but it’s shapeshifting into a much longer piece and may become part of a new series all in herself. Thank you for reading and as always…Stay Frappy and Sassy Assy. Love you all. XOXO

Dream, Inspire, Visualize, Expect (DIVE) Publishing

Shapeshifting Reality

We tend to seek fulfillment through the love of others; through their undivided acceptance and nonjudgmental faith. We hope our future soulmate sees past all our imperfections, our scars, and our deep penetrating hang ups. Our love life should not be one bad romance or vomit-spewing hangover, nor should we lose our virginity and dignity in some stranger’s bed.

By constantly focusing on your pain alone as a litigating factor in moving forward…You neglect the greatest gift God ever created for us; purposeful-passion and intense-pleasure.

Passiongasmic Fantasy

Passiongasm should be cherished like that dream which awakens our senses in the middle of a serendipitous night. Shared intimacy between two lovers is sacred at its core and that very covenant sealed with an everlasting kiss should be held to a higher standard like that diamond-studded cross around your neck.

You have the opportunity to release the floodgates of emotion…

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