Your Passiongasmic Inner Goddess Wants You To…Shapeshift your phantasmagorical fantasy into mind-blown reality (from the Series: Shapeshifter Dreams) 

Shapeshifting Reality 

We tend to seek fulfillment through the love of others; through their undivided acceptance and nonjudgmental faith.  Even if we lost all hope in heaven we can still find paradise under the waterfall of second chances and explore the 8th Wonder of the Magical World we call home sweet home.  

Your future soul-angel should see past all your imperfections, scars, and deep penetrating hang ups.  And if they don’t work with you on making it last for more than one night, then move on and throw those soiled panties to the side.  Your love life should not be one bad romance or vomit-spewing hangover in your toilet of broken dreams.  Nor should we lose our innocence or virginity in someone else’s bed.  

By constantly focusing on your pain alone as a litigating factor in moving forward…You neglect the greatest gift God ever created for us; purposeful-passion and intense-pleasure.  

Passiongasmic Fantasy

Passiongasm should be cherished like that dream which awakens our senses in the middle of a serendipitous night.  Shared intimacy between two lovers is sacred at its core and that very covenant sealed with an everlasting kiss should be held to a higher standard like that diamond-studded cross around your neck.  

You have the opportunity to release the floodgates of emotion or passionate bliss as you experience erotic-inspiration with the one you are with (or soon to be forever together). 

The Frappy Sexcape 

Sex can be a great escape mechanism; allowing us to transcend the pain of both our past and present.  We want to feel the rush of a sexual high, like our need for a Starbucks frappe we tend to overindulge with a face full of creamy pleasure.  We tell ourselves fuck the consequences for tomorrow we may die.

Then a life-altering event happens; such as an unplanned pregnancy or an emotional and physical attachment to the high of the sexual experience rather than to the long-term relational shared investment.   

Life will always be full of regrets and missed opportunities.  You will fuck up constantly no matter how perfect God made you.  But you must learn to forgive yourself and take personal responsibility for the damage those fucks might have caused.  Own up to your own mistakes, then place trust in that new reality in your embrace.  

As imperfect sensual beings we tend to structure a new relationship around what that man or woman can give me to satisfy my immediate desires.  Rather it should be a mutually-beneficial arrangement on what you both can share with each each other. 

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“Shapeshift your wildest fantasies into reality”

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