Your Frappy Sassy Bipolar Bitch Goddess Desires You To…Pour some F-in’ sugar and cream on me 

Sometimes life has its sacred and profane adaptations. As in love we must always learn to embrace the depravity in order to appreciate the higher things worthy of deeper pleasures. Disclaimer: Love is not always freshly laundered linen; sometimes it’s filthy and dirty like your bedsheets.

Dream, Inspire, Visualize, Expect (DIVE) Publishing

You must knock on every single door before you find someone willing to open and give you a fucking chance to let you come inside…

You will fuck up over and over again. But there is a lesson to be learned each time you blow it. Every fuck has a reason, however every season doesn’t have to suck unless you do unto others as you would love someone on their knees doing to you.

You may be praying for more than you can handle or your body can truly sustain. Love is patient and kind; both sacred and profane all at the same time. If you desire greater praise the Universe will bestow onto your inner goddess the reverence she so graciously deserves.

If your wish comes too quickly how can you enjoy the sanctity of the moment or to cherish heavenly paradise in her ceremonial embrace. Your collective chalice…

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