Your Frappy Sassy Bipolar Bitch Goddess Desires You To…Pour some F-in’ sugar and cream on me 

You must knock on every single door before you find someone willing to open and give you a fucking chance to let you come inside…

You will fuck up over and over again.  But there is a lesson to be learned each time you blow it.  Every fuck has a reason, however every season doesn’t have to suck unless you do unto others as you would love someone on their knees doing to you.  

You may be praying for more than you can handle or your body can truly sustain.  Love is patient and kind; both sacred and profane all at the same time.  If you desire greater praise the Universe will bestow onto your inner goddess the reverence she so graciously deserves.  

If your wish comes too quickly how can you enjoy the sanctity of the moment or to cherish heavenly paradise in her ceremonial embrace.  Your collective chalice should overflow with unwavering love for one another and not on a set of legalistic bedside terms.  Adhere to the 11th Commandment: “Give a Higher Fuck about your significant lover and honor all her needs, even sacrificing your own fucks for her fucks alone.  Respect the fucks worthy of giving a fuck about.  Tossing all the other fucks to the side like your worn bra and panties.

Finding the Perfect Fuck is not easy…In fact it’s a Bipolar Bitch Who Don’t Give a Fuck ‘Bout You…

You will have to bang through all the imperfect fucks before you find that one perfect fuck you will sacrifice your entire body and heart to give a higher fuck about.  All your passionate purpose, energy, and essence will be wrapped up around this destiny-fuck; as all time stands still and you don’t give a fuck about anyone or anything else than that One Perfect Fuck you are with.  Like that engagement ring around your finger, it will feel so good and so right.  

Only then will you understand what unconditional fucking love really means.  Like that diamond-studded cross between your breasts you will bare it all; mind, body, and soul to that passion angel you worship. 

All you haters don’t be jealous or envious over this thing called love.  Just get fucking over and under the one you are with or go to one of those Asian massage parlors…revising your own romantic chapter with one of those climatic happy endings. 

©2018 Passion Goddess Productions.  All Rights Reserved. 

“Give a conditional Fuck about yourself so you can start receiving unconditional Fucks in return.” 

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