Your Kick-Ass Passion Angel Desires You To…Get a Career-cure 

Your Career-cure towards a mind-altering passiongasmic experience…

Is a new career move or relocation on the horizon?  How ‘bout a simple shift in your thinking and intellectual aptitude for a daring new attitude.  

If you feel uncomfortable, challenged, and perplexed in your present chapter then with device in hand start blogging your next journal entry.  

Be quirky and creatively bold regardless of jealous eyes and slanderous tongues trying to murder your passion and reason for being the salacious and saucy individual you were meant to be.  As Selena Gomez would sing, “Kill them with kindness.” Remember they only want what they ain’t got.  Your mouth can either shoot forth flames in a ‘scorched earth’ mentality (because let’s face it, you’re one moody bitch) or cover them in a warm fuzzy onesie meant for two.  You decide the angels you kiss, the friends you make, and the lovers you embrace; as you pour out your soul and let others in to your very private lagoon. 

Allow yourself the freedom to control what you see, hear, taste, feel, and believe since only you can change your life.  You can transform it from your self-contained situational shithole into that effervescent cosmic gloryhole where our most decadent desires derive from.  However be weary of the ‘feel-good momentary lapse of reasoning’ just so we can experience the temporary high of the emotional roller coaster we call ‘frappe love.’ As in that Starbucks you are drinking, once you finish the cup you’ve got to have another one with extra whipped cream on top. 

Faith in the unseen yet to manifest is within you.  So stop looking to the heavens for your mind fuck transformation.  You may have had an apocalyptic first coming of epic proportions where you felt shit and pissed on.  But your Second Coming for Change Within will empower you to embrace divine destiny with your angel partner beside you.  

Be open to bless yourself; not impress others with superficial meaningless praise.  So be still and listen to your inner passion angel sing.  Your goddess-given potential will set you free.  

©2018 Passion Angel Media.  All Rights Reserved.  

“Embrace your second coming for change within” 

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