Your Daily Hot Latte of Instant Gratitude Between Your Legs – Explore Deeper Love Outside Your Cup 

Explore Deeper Between Passion and Pain 

Is a deeper love all you really need to be set free?   Aretha Franklin owned every song she ever performed.  She was indeed the Queen of Soul and set every stage on fire with her passionate vocals and lyrics which kept it real like the struggle in the hustle we all feel today.  She never compromised respect over fame or the need to shame.  Like much of the ‘cash me ousside’ bling bling whore pop culture we see today…where it’s all about the size of your over-inflated portfolios as an extension of your egotistical junk. 

Explore Clairvoyance Between The Sheets 

For many of us our on fire on-purpose passion has burned out in the pit of complacency and comfort.  We may have long ago forsaken the dreams of our youth for a more secured safer paycheck.  Meanwhile we become robotized asexual entities devoid of any intimacy and physical action, unless cash is on the table. 

So we fuel the flame of our self-indulgence through addictive pleasures: risky unsafe sex, excessive drinking, illicit drug use, social engagements which not only take us away from our families, but lead us further down that Yellow Brick Road less traveled.  By the time we get to our Land of Ozgasmic Climax we end up wondering, or worse yet, conversing with our clueless cat…”Where the fuck am I.”  Now if the cat responds back take note and heed his advice while scratching his head.  

So we self-medicate our pain away, visit our doctor, maybe get some ‘holistic healing’ going on at the local collective, then take in a deep tissue massage and a mud bath with the one we love. 

So take some much needed R & R this weekend and smell the roses between the lavender sheets with that deep clairvoyant love you call home sweet home.     

In the words of my fav disco gods of all time…The Bee Gees How Deep is your Love?  

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“Ignite Your Passion”

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