Your Daily Shot Glass of Buck-Naked Gratitude – Embrace The Stranger In Your Bed 

Can you change the world?  

I know you can but first it starts from your own sphere of inspiration and change to influence the global community around you.  Some of us may have experienced multiculturalism first hand by living in diverse societies and traveling across open borders.  

So it was with me living abroad in Europe and for many of our university students whom wish to ‘embrace diversity outside their study cube of self-containment.’ Some of you who have also lived in diverse coed and gender neutral dormitories will understand this social dynamic. 

Respect the diversity of interconnected love within…Embrace the match that ignites our flames of on-purpose passion 

We all have our own defining moments and wayward world views and faith-damning intimate encounters in between the sheets of truth.  Some of us have gotten so accustomed to sleeping with a stranger that we forget our own pro-active role in the process.  Maybe we find ourselves faking it when we should openly share collectively in our ‘faithgasmic revelations.’ We all have something to add to the profane and sacred mix; otherwise life’s just one everlasting hangover with our face in someone else’s ‘shithole.’ 

Make that decision today to embrace the differences within those close to you or total strangers.  We can seek to understand one another through active engagement by listening with open-minded intent first, then speaking last with clarity and more structured inclusive purpose.  Only then will we be empowered to disarm the haters with negotiations of love put into action. 

What will you do to be the ‘inspired leader’ others are searching for? 

©2018 DIVE Publishing. All Rights Reserved. 

“Ignite Your Change” 

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