A Tribute to Angels on Wings of Flight – Staying On Watch 

When the angels cry…

When the angels are crying and their tears pour  down as rain, it’s time to look up towards the heavens and reach with outstretched arms to the sky. 

It’s during our darkest and most challenging moments when we need to feel loved and to be embraced by hope.

To the students of Stoneman Douglas High School, you are not alone.  God has never left you nor stopped watch over you.  We as Americans and the entire community of global citizens alike support your passionate pleas and righteous anger to push for a more pro-active response to do what is right.  In ensuring this wrong never happens again. 

Stand united and don’t give up the fight. 

What will you do today to honor your passionate purpose within? 

What will you do to empower good over evil? 

©2018 DIVE Publishing. All Rights Reserved. 

“Ignite Your Passion To Dream Outside Your Cube” 

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