Simply Dreaming Imperfectly Yourself- Chapter 1 ‘Giving Birth To Destiny’ 

Every person is a God in embryo.  It’s only desire is to be born. ~ Deepak Chopra

Rediscovering your Embryonic Self 

The same can be said of your heart beat and your souls desire to dance in sync to the music you were created to do.  

As an embryo and then as a newborn child we never questioned life…It was just as natural as the air we breathed or the warmth we felt sheltered from the cold within a loving embrace. 

Rediscovering your Safe Place 

As we grow older we tend to be cynical of the world around us; even in what would be considered a ‘safe place.’ Not only is compassion in humanity lost but what is found in its place is a void in need of mercy and grace.  

In a society where opportunity for greater is squandered for the sake of ‘self-ego’ or ‘political gotcha points’ we lose sight of the God Vision within each and every one of us.  That God seed which was implanted inside each of us from the moment of conception.  No matter on how Immaculate you consider yourself to be, if we allow hate to choke our love as weeds around a rose bush…We only have our own ego to blame.  

So as we pursue our reason for being ‘perfectly imperfect’ we can choose to birth that dream within to its full bloom in a world in need of a warm embrace.  The alternative would be a life with no real purpose or burning passion for serving our global community even locally.  Striving to live as better global citizens than we could ever imagine.  

©2018 Mark Adam.  All Rights Reserved. 

“The perfection is discovered within the imperfection.” 

Next Chapter: Giving Yourself Permission To Dream Again 

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