Kick-Ass Nirvana – Whose Dream You Sleeping With?

You’ve Got Some Nerve

J. K. Rowling, author of the very successful and globally popular Harry Potter series, once said, “Anything is possible if you have enough nerve.” Yes it takes nerve and tons of tenacity to pursue your dream; be it a new mid-life career, an entrepreneurial venture, an online business, your first novel, or maybe your first overseas adventure.

I remember quite fondly as if just yesterday the first time I boarded that flight to Germany along with several other students from throughout the participating California State University system. We all committed to one year study abroad; some would decide to stay longer. I chose to return in the Fall term of 1996 to complete my degree in Chico, California.

I’m currently in the process of writing my first novel, although I obtained prior experience writing as a columnist and co-editor for two community and two college newspapers.

Whose Dream Do You Go To Bed With Each and Every Night

Where is your true inner passion? Have you embraced your dream and do you kiss it goodnight before you close your eyes and in the morning hug it so tight as the sun visits your window to say, “Today is the beginning of something beautiful.”

The sacredness of the moment, either alone or with a loving partner, is shared in both life’s uncertainties and expectancies. Staying true to your core and giving permission for your inner child to dream again is all part of the journey to create even greater success than you could ever imagine.

So anything can be achieved, if you awaken that fearless child within who knows only one word; Yes.

The world is your playground…so lets go have some fun.

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