The Buck-Naked New You ‘18 – Part 3: ‘Time to be Bad-Ass, Not to Kiss Ass’ 

Bad-Assing It 

Your time is now to reinvent your bad-ass persona.  Not in an arrogant self-absorbed sort of way because you wouldn’t like yourself so much if your egotistical attitude was bigger than your shoe size, or at least your IQ (whichever is larger). 

But at the same time you shouldn’t beg like a dog for whatever is thrown in your face.  The problem arises when we get so desperate for attention all we wanna do is wag our junk in front of the first opportunity we see.  We willingly become someone else’s lapdog or bitch just to get some head (uh I mean ahead, pardon the pun). 

Sexnergy Exchange 

You can choose to exchange your energy for good or not so noble intentions. We do this in relationships with others all the time.  We offer our bodies to the lowest bidder in exchange for some short-term gratification.  

This impulsive desire to fuel our fire or to appease our inner goddess can conjure up a ton load of crap we must then deal with like that basket load of dirty laundry.  Soiled, stained, and soaked with semen, sweat, and god knows what else.  

Boxers or Briefs 

Like my late mother said, ‘Keep your nose clean and always wear clean underwear.’ Which is why I always have boxes of Kleenex handy and a drawer filled with boxers.  

Because if anyone remembers President Bill Clinton was asked that ‘all-impotent’ question on an MTV televised Presidential debate once, “Do you prefer boxers or briefs?” That would be like asking, “Do you prefer Trojans or skin on skin?” 

I don’t know what the fuck this has to do with running for office or for the entire global community to even need to know.  But for the record I now only wear boxers.  

So for the ladies in this global blogosphere and social cyberspace what do you prefer; boxers, panties, or going all out commando.  I just had to go there didn’t I!!! 

Feel free to add your feedback into our comments section and/or share your own intimate thoughts or ideas.  

To be continued.  

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“Ignite Your Inner Goddess With A Spark of Desire” 

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