The Buck-Naked New You ‘18 – Part 2: Dreamgasm Within 

Your Dreamgasm To Ecstasy Within 

Your buck-naked New You starts the moment you say Yes to something different Outside your immediate circumstances.  It don’t matter if you’re still covered in last year’s dung or if you became complacent sleeping in a bed of crap. 

Maybe it’s about time you washed yourself clean and changed the sheets so you can try on a new fresh set of clothes and sport some cool ass shades. 

This Is Your Time To Pleasure Yourself 

If you don’t give a greater damn about yourself front and center, then who will?  Why concern yourself with pleasing others or kissing your boss’s and lover’s ass.  If you must get down on your knees to worship them, then just maybe it’s time to find a new career or a new toy. 

Don’t blow your scarce energy for another’s personal gain when you need a mind-blown release yourself! 

Give yourself permission to start your own finish to your personal happy ending. 

©2018 Passion Island Cove Media. All Rights Reserved. 

“ Begin with your happy ending in mind” 

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