Surviving The ‘Passion Cyclone’ We Call Life – Part 1  ‘Should Happens’ 

The Act of Being Prepared 

Storms will come upon us when we least expect them.  We may be so lucky to receive an alert or warning of our own impending ‘catastrophic cyclone.’ 

Life doesn’t always appear in our favor, even if we got just a mustard seed of faith; bad things happen to everyone.  The good, bad, and the beautiful…no matter your buck-naked faith or lack thereof, we all face an ‘uncertainty of controlled complacency.’ 

The Act of Shoulding Yourself 

Should happens’ to even those die-hard preppers.  The When Ifs, What Ifs, and WTFs are all in the forecast of this chaotic change and challenge outside our choosing and control.  

The delicate and decadent dance of embracing your purpose in the eye of your imperfect storm…the perfect force of nature is only as powerful as your desire to soar above the clouds on your ‘Flight to Love.’ 

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“Ignite Your Passion, Share Your Desire” 

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