Time To Get Buck-Naked To Your New You In 2018 – Part 1 (Pushing All The Way Deeper Than Ever Before)

New Year Resolution #1 

Achieve Higher – Dream Deeper 

It’s all about the money…or is it about something within our control.  We tend to make choices and redirect our actions around our paychecks or present status in life.  We are only who we see ourselves as, believe ourselves to become, and by blind faith we trust in fate.  So we get down on our knees in front of the next best thing to release us from our inner pain.  As if we are just one Wingasm away from the big money shot.

We may see our friends or ex-lovers living the high life on FB, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or their live selfie feed.  Self-medicating ourselves while vicariously wishing we can be just like them.  It’s like watching Spring Break on Netflix while you are snowed in because of the blizzard alone and without hot cocoa.

But It Was In The Cards

But my Tarot reading, Runes, spiritual guide, God, inner Goddess, Oracle, angel, therapist, life coach, etc. etc…all told me I was gonna be golden with my career, project, Vegas, my new life partner, my crazy ass part-time lover, etc. etc.

We damn ourselves into despair and bitterness thinking we are a failure.  While those around us are living the dream we desire.  Like somehow we are twenty-fuckin’ years too late for the prom and we can’t even fit into that monkey suit.  Like others have a Secret they are keeping hidden in a safe deposit box.  Wondering how do I cash in on this whole crypto-currency bubble?

Giving A Fuck About Our Future As We Flip Off Our Past…

Maybe we feel cursed by some bad karma or something we may have did a long time ago to someone else.  Hell America elects the first POTUS who doesn’t see any issue with legalized cannabis, gay marriage, and not sugar coating shit…and he’s a Republican.  Like how the fuck did that happen!!!  Lady Gaga meet Trump MAGA!  So I have to say anything is still possible.  

We are all fucked then and full of it because no one is perfect and we can find tons of shit to nail ourself to the cross for the sins of our past choices, actions, and circumstances.

This is a new year to try something new, something different…to try your Plan B or C.  Leave Plan A in your past and start towards the #NewYou2018.

It’s time to care a fuck about ourselves again as we give the one finger salute to the ghosts of our past failures, mistakes, and one night stands.  

©2018 Passion Island Cove Media. All Rights Reserved. 

“Start your Story with Love in Mind.” 

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