Something Just Like This -Excerpt from 4D Living With Passion Outside Your Cube 

What and Who Are You Living For?

Where you wanna go and how much are you willing to risk to have something greater just like this? Your this will be different from your fam or friends this…so what ya gonna choose, this or that something from someone else’s superhero dream or your own out of this world cosmic passiongasm bliss. 

When we stare at ourselves in the mirror we have only ourselves and no one else to blame for the life we live or choose to embrace as our own.

Sarah Vermunt in her book, Careergasm, speaks on the topic fear plays in how we conduct both our personal and professional behavioral or career paths.  She states and I paraphrase, Fear can be driven by the financial and emotional need for stability and security.  Or as Actor and Comedian turned Motivational Speaker Jim Carrey once said, Fear Disguised as Practicality.  That Pension and Benefit Position Wrapped In a Deceivingly Beautiful and Sparkly Package.  

I believe there is good and bad fear; both connected to either accepting the risk at hand or taking the safe bet and remaining within your chosen Career Cube of Practicality.  Good fear can lead you to the edge of the cliff as you take a leap of blind faith, and dive into the greater unknown.  It can also provide you the Universal opportunity to embrace your future destiny with the one you love; no matter what it takes as you get there anyway you can.  It will take more energy and perseverance than the comfort zone of Cubical Sedation but in the end well worth the hustle within the struggle. 

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