Desert Decadence – Howling In She Wolf Sextacy (Disclaimer: Mature Bad-Ass Content, Sexual Themes) 

Updated with new content.  The excerpt is from my upcoming book, Desert Decadence.  As always unconditional peace and free love to each and everyone of you who reads and follows my blog.  We all are dreamers who play by our own desires, regardless of what society may say about us.  “Faith in the unseen begins with you inside of me.  Because that dream is us together as the Chosen Ones.” 

When all else fails…just fuck out loud, scream if you must, get down on all fours and howl like the she-wolf you are.  Be “erotically-inspired” with that passion angel of your deepest of dreams.  Cast a spell on the one who’s true and conjure up your most decadent of desires.  Don’t be afraid of that rainbow girl in the dark who has come to release your soul unto me. 

Shakira’s She Wolf playing on the Bluetooth JBL speaker while Rebekah lights another bong hit to her parched lips.  The fire of desire seems to come alive in her eyes under the lit bowl.  The thick haze reminded Claire of those Spring Breakin’ Hot Carolina Nights chillin’ on a blanket smoking weed with her homegirls from Central by Lake Johnson in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Skinny dipping and tribbing by the shoreline with the siren cry of Mother Nature’s primal instincts set to an enchanted forest and the sweet melody of careless whispers in each other’s ears.  “Our destiny is our shared love within each other’s creation; that seed planted deep inside as we sprout new wings to fly across the City of Blinding Lights tonight,” Rebekah speaks softly into my mind, placing me into a trance as she nibbles lightly on my earlobe.  

They both were in too deep; the eye of the storm was their blissful state of ignorance.  Because God knows that the world is on a rapid crash dive down to hell.  Almost makes you long for those days of Burning Man and trippin’ on whatever, whoever, and wherever the best escape had to offer and your body took you.  Even if that meant an orgy of unnatural wonders amidst a buffet of culinary bliss.  

Claire’s asphyxiated state of bliss knew no boundaries or age and gender limits.  As if she couldn’t get any higher; the greater the risk, the more fuckingly enticing was the reward. 

Claire’s drug of choice was unprotected sex and experimentation in asphyxiation.  Coconut cream pie was her fav dessert as was her affinity for that forbidden passion fruit.  She swore to her guardian angel that paradise was most sacred in the arms of her savioress Rebekah.  God if she couldn’t quench her thirst with that sacred wine overflowing between her lover’s thighs.  

To her inner circle Claire was as straight-edge as can be; vanilla mixed with a bit of swirl and heavy on the cream.  Mostly she loved being totally sober and in tune with the passionate erotic energy of Mother Earth and Goddess Universe as she got her inner goddess savagely wrecked by the fierce tongue of her dominant soul-angel.  Sure she’d partake in the peace pipe in between her orgasmic euphoria, but her mind would fall into a trancelike state of lightness every time she was with Rebekah.  

Just her scent alone took her where no man will ever go again…spelunking into her underground warm paradise with her tongue guiding her.  Like the lagoon of Island Cove in the Visayas where they sought refuge during the worse typhoon of the season.  

That night she’d thought would be their last, but most intense evening ever in their short history together.  She would have been honored to have died in Rebekah’s embrace and to spend eternity with her one true soul angel.  They had both made a pact in blood, conjured up their innermost demons, so they could make amends with their sordid past deeds and transgressions.

Sleeping with the opposition as politics be damned if a foreplay debate was in order while both parties banged out their differences on the bed of compromising positioning.  As was the case for these two beautifully fallen angels of God. 

She and Rebekah were both the same and different; both craving the sexual desire of the moment and the need to embrace each other’s pure essence throughout the night.  Politically she supported President Trump while her lover actively volunteered for the Hillary campaign.  Claire would always joke with her casual sorority party babes at NC State that Democrats were the best lay.  She didn’t give a fuck who grabbed whose pussy as long as she was on the receiving end of the ‘handshake.’ 

B2B Inaugural Initiation meant you had to undress yourself first before you could address the audience in front of you.  Body 2 Body because no one loves you (Make that owns my ass) better than you do bitch. 

Hell she loved his shoot from the hip mannerisms and his stance on legalization.  Just hoped he would follow through on his campaign promise as they both lit it up on the eve of his inauguration.  

She also knew the Republican Party was DOA the night of the election and needed a wake up call.  The Log Cabin Republicans rocked in her book.  Rebekah is pro-choice and full on ATM feminista, which is why she always takes the dominant hand in grabbing her tightness down under.  

God…she’d be willing to Suck any Big Stick or Fuck any Passion Flower for that matter to numb her mouth into oblivion.  Taking the grind to a whole nother level and swallowing more than just her pride. The juice was certainly worth the tease and savorance of the squeeze. 

Desert Decadence on that highway to paradise, someplace between the City of Lost Angels and Lost Virginas.  

Vegas is a gamble anyway you take it and that’s where this Love Fest is one slut machine away from the Wingasm.  It’s due time to commence their Sacred and Profane Covenant of Lust at the Chapel of Trib 69. 

They booked an executive suite at the Mandalay Bay overlooking the Strip on the 32nd floor.  Claire freshly out of the bath, adorned only in her diamond anklets, toe ring, navel stud, and her duality heart of angelic light necklace which graced her glistening breasts in an aura of elegance.  She loved the way Rebekah looked against the window; as a sultry sexy silhouette vision against the bright skyline of the desert oasis.  

Naked promises and never having to say you’re sorry.  Because you’re just too bomb-ass beautiful to not be blessed while on your knees undressed.  

She got down on one knee as she opened the small lavender box revealing the promise of a new life and lease on love.  The tranquility of the candlelight and the warmth of their collective bodies merging as one being in the stillness of the night.  It couldn’t get any better than this; her divine nakedness in front of the woman she was destined to spend eternal bliss with.  

©2017 DIVE Publishing and Passion Angel Media.  All Rights Reserved. 

“Inspire your Inner Erotica” 

2 thoughts on “Desert Decadence – Howling In She Wolf Sextacy (Disclaimer: Mature Bad-Ass Content, Sexual Themes) 

    1. Thank you first of all for your comment. I value all feedback and interest in my site. In answer to your response, I’ve always been expressive with my sexual nature. However I have never written in this genre before the blogging. It just naturally came through in the characters I’m in process of bringing to life. My background since college was mostly writing for a weekly newspaper column and commentaries for our college paper. I’d welcome any ideas you may have or future collaboration with others in the same genre as well. Have a great week and we will chat soon again.

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