Rage Your Dream – Excerpted from ‘4D Living With Passion Outside Your Cube’ 

Get Pissed At Yourself – Just Don’t AIM Against The Wind 

Life just ain’t fair…in fact it fucking sucks ass most the time.  So what ya gonna do about it? 

I say this a lot to myself.  In fact the voices seem to scream louder as I press on harder in reaching a new goal or benchmark in my life. There will be many competing voices fighting for your attention; some real, some imagined, and others downright nagging and annoying as fuck. 

Maybe you have that one lingering whisper telling you to just let go of your past moments in order to embrace your present change before you.  

With every challenge there is always opportunity for change within.  Don’t wait till you’ve got all your shit together to make it happen, because that day may never come.  So just get scrappy and be happy as you doo doo. 

In fact we were created out of the very dirt and shit we toil.  As if God didn’t have a sense of humor.  As my one youthful classmate would say rather comically, If God made dirt then dirt don’t hurt.  I guess the same can apply to our daily life events…If it ain’t gonna kill ya or someone else then just do it.  Just take the dive or the jump and see how high you gonna glide or fly. 

Just don’t piss against the wind, unless you like getting wet.  Unless this is your fetish, then whom am I to judge.  

©2017 DIVE Publishing.  All Rights Reserved. 

#GetScrappy #PissingAgainstTheWind #LifeSucks #VoicesCarry 

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